They’ll Never Believe It’s True

ravelling over the road at night
I thought I saw a Faerie-light
I thought I heard a piper on the breeze that gently blew
I stepped under a bush for only a while
To consider his quaint old fashioned style
And as I’d been travelling many a mile
I watered the grass that greenly grew.

A procession appeared from under the hill
Amazed I admired their magical skill
The piper, old and creaky, with his drones and chanter too
Whenever he’d come to the end of a bar
He’d whistle and giggle and call for his jar
-of snuff, and goggle at my guitar
And go “diddle-eye-dolee-oo.

Dazzled and frazzled I crouched in fright
In the midst of a Faerie building site
I saw by their faces, the workers wages were woefully overdue
I enquired as to whether or nay I’d a chance
Of obtaining admission to their dance
They said so long as I’d jacket and pants
I’d be welcome to join the queue.

Right then I saw herself at last
Shee of the future, present and past
I heard the pounding of percussion as my heart beat its tattoo
She flashed her feathers in frosty fright
“How is a human here at night ?”
I held my breath and to my delight
I didn’t know what to do.

She invited me in to her Faerie ring
She asked me did I dance or sing
I said I’d sung from Connemara to Kathmandu
She took my hand in a manner serene
And gave to me this plectrum green
The sweetest neatest thing I’d seen
And with a “pling” to my fingers it flew.

“Its time for tune, now Froggy, a song“
I invite the human to play along
They all jumped up at her command in every shade and hue
Ethereal dancers did appear
Imperial pixies loud and clear
Now listen ! You may call me queer
But I wouldn’t advise ye do.

We danced the Hop, the Jig and the Reel
A hornpipe set, quite surreal
We lashed out “Rakish Paddy” and she joined in on the kazoo
A wizard, a lizard, a weasel and stoat,
An old brown owl and a giddy old goat,
Created a vision of crystal precision
And I had a bird’s-eye view.

She dressed me up in leather and lace
Danced on the table and tickled me face
I told her I was able but I didn’t want to woo
She said she’d show me East and West
I remarked on the depth to which I was impressed
She blessed me then for being her guest
And I bade them all adieu.

Travelling over the road at night
I thought I saw a faerie-light
I thought I heard a piper on the breeze that gently blew
I still maintain my plectrum green
An object that rarely if ever was seen
Given to me by a faerie queen
But they’ll never believe its true !

-Andy Irvine