O’er the Hills and Far Away

‘er the Hills and Far Away
Jocky met with Jenny fair
Between the dawning and the day
But Jocky now is full of care
Since Jenny stole his heart away

Although she promised to be true
She proven has, alack, unkind
The which does make poor Jocky rue
That e’er he loved a fickle mind

Jocky was a bonny lad
That e’er was born in Scotland fair
But now poor lad he does run mad
Since Jenny

Young Jocky was a piper’s son
He fell in love when he was young
And all the tunes that he could play
Was O’er the Hills and Far Away

He sang when my first my Jenny’s face
I saw she seemed so full of grace
With mickle joy my heart was filled
That’s now alas with sorrow killed

Oh were she but as true as fair
‘T would put an end to my despair
Instead of that she is unkind
And waivers like the winter wind

Hard was my hap to fall in love
With one that does so faithless prove
Hard my fate to court a maid
Who has my constant heart betrayed

Since she is false whom I adore
I’ll never trust a woman more
From all their charms I’ll flee away
And on my pipes I’ll sweetly play

And it’s o’er the hills and far away
It’s o’er the hills and far away
It’s o’er the hills and far
The wind has blown my plaid away