Hole in the Piper’s Bag

rs. Stilhouli gave a good party one night
She invited us all to attend.
We gathered a gang, jumped down to her house
A few pleasant hours for to spend.
There was Duffy and Charlie and Flynn and meself
Well, a crowd wasn’t hard for ta find,
But the t’ing most important we almost forgot
We near’ left the piper behind.

We invited him down to the party
He brought his bagpipe just by chance
We asked him to sing, but he says, “Ah, no”
But offered us a bit of a dance.
He picked up his pipes, he started to play
Some one got foolin’ about
And cut a great hole in the bag of his pipes
And here is the tune that came out:
Naaaaa, needeleedelum needeligh needeleedeleedel
num nee nigh daloh dalah daleedeleedel
lumdeeligh daligh daloh dadeedeleedel
dalumdeeligh dalohdaleedeleedeligh

When the piper found out that his bag, it was cut
Sure he gave a great leap on the floor
And he slipped about in a quick hammer style
And he landed him under the jaw
Mrs. Levi, she fainted, they all made a rush
Trying to get out of the door
But the piper had nine of them takin’ the count
And he swore he would lick twenty more.

Well, if ever ya go to a party
Ah, you’d better keep this in your mind
Don’t get vexed with a piper
For you’ll find him a gentleman kind
But if trouble should start keep out of his way
For he carries an awful packtoe
Ah, you won’t hear it comin’ but whoop when it lands
Sure, you’ll know it’s an Irish gateau.