Buskin’ On the Street

he sun is shining come on let’s go.
It’s time to rosin up the bow.
Let’s find a spot on waterstreet.
We’re going to busk today.
Get the whistle, pull out the drum.
Come on now let’s have some fun.
People gather as we begin
Buskin on the street

Dropping their change as they walk by,
I look around at smiling eyes.
People dance and clap and sing
as the fiddle takes the lead.
I wink at a kid who returns a smile.
I think we may be here a while.
What a lively feeling, buskin on the street
Buskin’ on the street.

Can you see the sun is low.
There’s no more rosin on the bow.
Pack our things and head for home
and bid our friends farewell.
Now we hope you’ve had some fun.
Another buskin’ day is done.
‘Till next time well meet again,
Buskin on the street.

(©The Palmer Girls)